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Identity Protection

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Identity Protection!
  • $16 billion was stolen from US consumers in 2016
  • Business and business owner's identity can be stolen.
  • Are you protected?
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Protect your data!
  • More than 4,000 ransomware attacks occure every day!
  • Anti-virus software alone is not enough, even for the smallest business.
  • We have data protection plans starting for as low as $25 per month!
Avast/Avg Cloudcare

With Avast Cloudcare (formerly Avg), you get a top-rated endpoint protection against viruses, malware and online threats. Strat Tech, an authorized reseller, provides monitoring and reporting of virus and unapproved browsing activity. Together we provide a solution to help protect your data and information investment.

When you combine our Avast Cloudcare package with the LegalShield plan, you get one of the most comprehensive solutions available. Not only are you protecting your data, your web browsing and email activity, you are protecting one of the most valuable assets you have, your identity!

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